Honda Marine’s revamped BF200, BF225 and BF250 four-stroke V6 outboards sport a new progressive V form design. Honda Marine reviews ( Because I was asked for feedback. Mercury Marine’s line-up includes four-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 400 h.p. 250+ HP. Find outboard … 6. Honda Outboard Motors. Available on select BF250 models. White models available. Pictured is one of the newest models, the portable BF4, which we reviewed in late 2016. Honda Marine offers four-stroke outboards from 2.3 to 250 horsepower, including jet outboards from 40 to 105 horses. Filter. No solution over a brand-new Honda Outboard Model BF250AXA. At the same time, one of their cheapest engines is just under $900. The 24-valve, six-cylinder design produces all the durability and performance of the smooth-running Honda Acura MDX it was based on-in a narrow, sixty-degree "V" profile outboard. Their outboard engines bump up against $4,000. “Reset” to start again. Reset. Five years ago Mercury rolled out a new 2.1-liter outboard in 75, 90, and 115 HP ratings, and these engines have close to the most displacement in their class while keeping weight at the lowest end of the class. WARRANTY. The powerful Honda 200 horsepower has a large displacement V-6 engine, giving it outstanding torque. Read 20 Reviews. Mercury Outboard Motors. Simon Everett takes Honda's latest BF250 engine for a test drive and finds out more about the engine's 'EcoMo'. Honda Marine. All three engines are now based on the same proven 3.6-liter V6 platform that powers the BF250 outboard motor. Not worth the Money. 200-300 HP Engine Outboard Comparison. 5. Click on the picture to select the ones you want to compare, then click the green “Filter” to compare. iST offers multi-engine applications, with fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed, enhanced docking and slow speed control, and a simple, easy to understand user interface. 15 hp honda smoke show. With Honda, you’re looking at a price tag between $1,000 to $3,000 on average. They also have jets from 25 to 80 horsepower. At 359 pounds, in fact, it under-cuts the older 1.7-liter Mercury offerings by 40 pounds. With Mercury Marine, the ceiling is a little higher. 7. The Honda BF 200 is available in two different types: L and X. The Honda outboards produce a little more noise than thde Yamaha outboards. 200-225 HP. The new Honda BF250 has been designed as a dedicated marine engine of 3583cc in a 60 degree V6 configuration utilising all their technological know-how. The Yamaha outboard has a very nice tiller-handle shifter when compared to Honda outboard. Japan's Honda Marine introduced its first four-stroke outboard in the 1960s, and followed this up in 1992 with the first of the modern four-strokes, the BF45. Since they first introduced the four-stroke outboard engine to the U.S. market over 40 years ago, Honda Marine has been an industry innovator. Improved corrosion resistance and decreased maintenance time add up to enhanced reliability and greater ease of use. So my pair of bf250's are 11 months old and have just clocked 300hrs and have been working great, I have them connected to a ray marine e7 display to get all the engine data via the nema connection. 115-175 HP. Honda's exclusive iST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle) gives you effortless control of your outboard. Scroll right to see all of the products available. Neglect of my Warranty Case BF250AXA. In the latest models, the Honda outboards are air-cooled where the latest Yamaha outboard are water-cooled. 30 hp Honda outboard motor. The cheapest shoot in just under the $1,000 mark. Almost 12 month review of my bf250 Honda motors.
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