My grandma always called soda tonic(after tasing her favorite Moxie I understood the name). Never mind about the cabinet question……my mistake, I overlooked the explanation. Difference between Shake and Malt. Flavored milk was just strawberry or coffee milk. What is your drugstore recipe for coffee syrup? Growing up as a child in the late 70’s and 80’s in South County, we called ice cream, milk and syrup (and maybe some ice)… a shake (or milkshake). We were instructed if anyone asked for a milk shake, to make sure they knew the difference between that and a frappe, in case they were from outside the region. There doesn’t seem to be any bags either, only sacks. Instead, I simply received a chocolate milk. The syrup mixed in with the Coffee Frappe really changes the flavor from really good to phenomenal. My grandmother, who was a recipient of the prestigious Boston Cane as the oldest living person in her New England town, always ordered coffee cabinets! … “frappé” is most certainly NOT “silly marketing” … outside Massachusetts, in the rest of the real world, the term refers to a mixture containing NO dairy whatsoever — it is coffee & sugar & crushed ice “beaten” until homogenized …. Growing up I worked at a drive-in restaurant. The classic milkshake is a malt without the malted milk. Actually that the Friendly’s drink to which you referred was called the “Awful,Awful” in the ’70s. I worked for a local ice cream shoppe by the beach in the summers for seven years. As a teenager, I worked for a popular ice cream stand, Kimball Farm, in my hometown of Westford, Massachusetts, and like most jobs dealing with food and/or “visiting” customers, I spent a decent amount of time explaining things on the menu. I made many, many milk shakes in my time there and the standard was 2 scoops of their delicious homemade ice cream, some milk, and a syrup of your choice and then blending it all on the one of the 5 spokes of the blender. How to Make Martinis. I drank many a Frappe in New England. **No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non-rbST-treated cows. Malt powder is made from a blend of malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated whole milk. Living in SW CT, I find more Metro NY terms are used here. ? Cocktail Queries is a Paste series that examines and answers basic, common questions that drinkers may have about mixed drinks, cocktails and spirits. This less expensive ingredient allowed us to put the equivalent of 3 ice cream cones of frozen thickener into the 24 oz shake. Even when at college in the late 80’s/early 90’s — at UNH, I remember having to explain what a “frappe” was to friends that came from the rest of the country, and never even heard the word. For this reason, a shaken drink will have tiny bubbles of air whipped into it, resulting in a more foamy, frothy, lighter texture. Also, note that prices may no longer be accurate…. I have been living in the Chicago suburbs for a number of years. They DO NOT have frappes here, it’s a milkshake with ice cream!! Frappe, or more properly, frappé, is French for “beaten”. Miss my Kimball’s Frappes and especially the Kimballs special. Pronounced…Frap! To me, a black and white was a small disc-shaped cake with half chocolate and half vanilla frosting. My favorite was a black-and-white frappe, made by Ruth Sawyer. People would sometimes ask for the malt powder to be added as well. As a teenager in thr ’60’s I worked in a local restaurant, Curriers. Weird…. We moved every 3 years between Illinois and Massachusetts. One made with soft-serve ice cream, milk and syrup… that when blended, had a super thick consistency, but only came in chocolate and vanilla, or you could make them malted. I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone mentioned the malted. We malt barley and other grains because it breaks down each grain kernel -- … Sorry!!! Graduated from Colt Memorial i 1961. I also grew up in Connecticut and our milkshakes included ice cream and only knew of frappes from our Rhode Island friends. I ran that store at Dover Circle (on the Miracle Mile) in 87~88, took over for Mike Dibeck and he took it back over from me when they asked me to run a store on the Cape. Why else would their pizza places not have linguica pizza? A frappe was just a very thin version of a milkshake. The malt, malt shake or malteds are the name for the similar drink which is prepared with all the typical ingredients of the milkshake. I am going to be 76 next month. I spent many years working for Friendly’s in my youth. . A milkshake was milk and flavored syrup, usually chocolate or vanilla, a frappe was milk, flavored syrup, and ice cream all beaten up, and an ice cream soda was usually chocolate soda,or coffee soda, or orange soda, with chocolate ice cream topped off. Much smaller, though — like 2″ across. Stirring also tends to lend a fuller, more smooth mouthfeel to drinks, which is considered desirable in many cocktails that are spirit forward. Shake vs Malt: The Differences. The best way to describe it would be like a coffee slushee. Visited one last year and discovered I am now eligible for the “Seniors Menu.”. It seems Connecticut is different then the rest of New England! He started screaming me to put “ANTS” on his ice cream. Great frappes and great food! This means that classics such as the manhattan (whiskey, vermouth, bitters) or the negroni (gin, Campari, vermouth) end up being stirred drinks, where you can admire their brilliant clarity. My Grandfather in Naugatuck, Connecticut delivered chocolate milk and it was superb, as good as anything in VIrginia.
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