These are a popular type of N Class Endlers that I've continued to line breed and raise from parent fish originally purchased on the Aquabid website. #1) BELOW = Black Bar Endlers Livebearer , Poecilia Wingei ,, Original Type Collected By John Endler .. Strain Developed and Introduce to the Hobby by AdrianHD from Wild Collected Stocks.. Breeders have developed numerous lines displaying specific patterns and colors, such as red chest, black bar, peacock, yellow sword, … This is for a pair of Wild Type Black Bar Endlers. $15.50 shipping. ---GENERAL--- Endlers typically occupy the top level of the water column, although th I bought these as n class, and they are a pure strain. Behavior: Peaceful, Active I will be working on setting up 30- 10 gallon tanks and order in bunch of different color strains from AdrianHD in the next few months.. The substrate is all disturbed while I Unfortunately the pics below doesn't show it too well. One of the most distinctive markings is a black spot or bar on the upper body. $5/pair (male and female).I have kept the line pure.That said they will interbreed with guppy’s if you choose to mix them, but best kept in their pure form. Video of my blonde endlers. Registry # I .D. Runnamuk23: 04d 00h + 25.00 Red Chest Endler Trio + fry! Yes the black bar Endler and the Japan blue are two different fish , what has happend is that some breeders have crossed the japan Blue with a black bar endler to get the japan blue to show a black bar just another instance of line breeding , most of these morphs are the result of experimentation. Minimum Order: $25 + shipping. True to its name the Black Bars most defining characteristic is its black bar on both sides of it’s body. Freshwater. Scroll down to content. They are highly adaptable and thrive in many different environmental and ecological conditions. Hope to use the offspring for trades in the future . Black Bar Endlers Livebearer Single Male Live Fish USA Breeder. Wild Type Black Bar Endler Pair. = ECS N-BB-01-9798-04 ( Main Identification trait = Large Black Comma / Momocle .. Willing to deliver for orders $20 and above within city limits. QTY. Add to cart. However, I will be sure to include at least 2 males out of 5 fish. Poecilia wingei «Black Bar» The genuine wild endler (Poecilia wingei) is a very popular freshwater aquarium fish species. El Tigre Endler's livebearer guppy 6 pairs FREE SHIP! Momma Endler decided to pop, leaving me with more fry than i can handle. You must take a mix of males and females. Endler Ark offers 30 color varieties of pure-blooded endlers. You may go to any sold out listing and click on the “email me when available” button to sign up to be notified the instant we are able to put something back in stock. Black Bar Endler. Affordable. Our web page is under construction but should soon be up! But that's a real difference in comparison to female black bar endlers. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. Some tanks without fish do not have the sand layer capping, it is not mandatory, just keep the tint of the water to a more clear water color. N Class Pure-Strain Registry: Colonies (8 fish mixed M & F of a strain) are eligible for The Endler Shop’s Pure-Strain … This item is out of stock. Blue Star Endlers Livebearer Single Male Live Fish USA Breeder. I hope there is a good call for endlers in minnesota.. Pretty excited about these fish. At some point the black bar has even disappeared in the male pattern when they were crossbred with red chest endlers. 19 watching. Free Shipping! Everything. This line originates from the Cumana region ( Laguna de los Patos ) in Venezuela. Shop — Endler Ark - Buy Endlers Livebearers Online. Guppies and Endlers If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! Poecilia wingei (ook wel Endler, Endlers levendbarende, Endler guppy, Campoma guppy of Cumana guppy genoemd) is een straalvinnige vis uit de familie levendbarende tandkarpers. I have a 10 gallon in my daughters room with black bars and I love endlers! $50.00 $30.00. Endler - Black Bar Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) with Shipping Included quantity. Also looking for any neat crypts, AR mini, or neos folks might be getting rid of. Small rehoming fee of $10 for 5 fish. I myself started keeping black bars ever since 2004. Het ... Mannetje van de variatie 'black bar. Just ordered 3 pair of N Class Black Bars from Adrian Hernandez. Females do not have color. They are great for community planted tanks, and are very easy fish. This fish has all of the qualities of an ideal nano fish: beautiful color, peaceful nature, and hardy health! 1 Trio Endlers guppy . Endless Endlers, Round Tail Guppies, Scuds, Live Plants, Naja and More!!! I’m looking for wild type black bar Endlers. The blonde equivalent of the black bar endler. The colors of Endler's livebearer males are very intense, especially the black, orange, and metallic green colors. Red Chest Endlers N Class - 2 trios + fry! Fire & Ice Platinum Guppy Pair. Males have naturally evolved a stunning assortment of iridescent colors to be noticed while courting females. Their natural patterns are highly variable, though many display a double sword tail. Endler – Black Bar Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) with Shipping Included. Also a difference between this wildguppy and the black bar endler is that the females have a slight darker edge on all the fins. 20 sold. Black Bar Endlers This Product comes in three different variants: Pair: (1 Male + 1 Female), Trio: (1 Male + 2 Females), Fry Pack: (5 + 1 Unsexed Fry). So, including the tail. I have been line breeding this strain for 4 years. I have some beautiful black bar endlers up for sale. They are relatively smaller then guppy’s but have the same traits. $25.00. There are many variations of the most dominant secondary body color, but most all have a blue patch under the dorsal fin, as well as a sword and a half on the caudal fin. share. The endler (Poecillia Wingei) is a sub-species of common guppies (Poecillia Reticulata). The Black Bar Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei) is an extremely colorful, peaceful fish whose small size makes it absolutely perfect for the nano or planted aquarium. If anyone in Western MA is interested in taking any of these guys for FREE please send me a message!! Black Bar Endlers (Guppies) (Pgh) I have Black Bar Endlers available. Local Pickup. Tip Jar. or Best Offer. This variety of Endler often resembles a lighter color Black Bar Endler with more green in them than most other Endlers. Black Bar Endlers, Marysville, WA. Lime Green Endlers are not all green as one might expect. $25.00. Photo courtesy of Snowman. Make your you select which variant you would like before adding it to your cart!!! I was in the middle of cleaning and pruning the tank plants when I noticed the black bar endlers mostly adult and young males eating algae off anubias leaves. one LFS already told me he is very interested . $20.00. $1.00. 1/3. $30.00 + $30.00 shipping. Check out the Black Bar Endlers too … they’re great companions for Cherry Shrimp. One of the unique characteristics of Lime Green Endlers is the light blue or white coloration on the dorsal fin. I use a layer of Black Cow composted manure under a 2 inch layer of sand as the substrate. Dumbo Ear Black Moscow Guppy Pair. Description. Het is een geliefde soort in aquaria Verspreiding. Hardy and low-maintenance. Black Bar: Orders open up sometime in May for staggered June deliveries. $10.00 + $30.00 shipping. Trio consists of 1 male and 2 female Black Bar Endlers. RARE Staeck Endlers Livebearer Single Male Live Fish USA Breeder. The fish you receive will be young adults. Originating from Venezuela, the vibrant Black Bar Endlers make a worry free addition to your community tank. I can meet to deliver within a 5 mile radius of Pgh. save. LF -Austin - Black Bar Endlers. Endlers have a very distinctive color blocked pattern. I've used black bar endlers as well to interbreed with other wildguppies and other endlers to get a certain strain. 0 comments. N Class Black Bar Endlers are a pure and wild type of Poecilia Wingei also known as "endlers livebearers". Free shipping. A quite lively coloured fish of a small size. Inexpensive and prolific, cherry shrimp cost very little to feed and maintain. Endler – Black Bar Endlers ( 1 Male + 1 Female ) with Shipping Included. $9.00. This fish is very similar to the larger common guppy (Poecilia … Featured Products. This listing is for 1 trio (1 male, 2 female) + 2 fry black bar endlers. $60.00. (N class) Runnamuk23: 04d 01h + 17.00 5 Neon Green Endlers : Fancyfish: 04d 07h + No Bids: 35.00 PAIR N CLASS RED TOP BAR ENDLERS / FRY / SHIP'G IN : Livefins: 05d 01h + 60.00 ADULT Pair BLACK BAR ENDLERS with … Excellent Community fish, too. Not all strains, wild or hybrid, display this marking but the majority of them do from my experience. Pictures are of Males. Their behavior is quite wild as Ive had them for a quite a while without a single sign of domestication in behavior. Water Type: Hard Temp: 75 - 80ºF Diet: Omnivorous (small bits, they have tiny mouths!) I am hoping to purchase from someone who specifically breeds only wild type because of how easy it is to accidentally cross breed these little ones. They’re often seen with splotches of red, orange, green, black, yellow, and blue. 41 likes. Easy to Keep. Categories: Endlers, Everything, Wild Livebearers. $20.00 + $30.00 shipping. 5 watching. ( 1 customer review) $ 26.00. Free Black Bar Endlers. 6 Black Bar Endler’s Livebearer - N Class Poecilia wingei - 3 females, 3 males. Endlers Special Blend: Hover over or click the picture of Endlers Special Blend for ingredient details.
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